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What Could Happen if Your Boiler Is Not Serviced?

September 3, 2021

Getting service for your Rheem boiler in Toronto may sometimes feel like an afterthought, but it
shouldn’t be! Without proper boiler maintenance you and your household could be at risk of
health hazards, not to mention a significant financial loss due to repairs. Take it from us, the
boiler experts in East York, risking yours and your family’s health (not to mention your wallets)
isn’t worth the wait.

So, what could happen if you put off boiler maintenance in East York for too long? Read on to
find out.

Boiler Installation- Lochinvar

Health Risks

It goes without saying that nothing is more important than your health and the health of your
family. But if your boiler goes without maintenance for too long, that can pose a serious health
hazard to you and your family, specifically if you have a carbon monoxide leak. Carbon
monoxide is a deadly gas that is notoriously hard to detect. It could cause dizziness, shortness of
breath, and sometimes death. A simple boiler check-up every year is a great way to ensure this
worst-case-scenario never happens.

Invalidated Warranty

Depending on the terms of your unit and boiler installation in East York, your warranty may
become invalid without regularly servicing. Should that occur, you may have to pay out of
pocket for expensive boiler repair. With simple and inexpensive maintenance check-ups,
however, you can ensure that your boiler is still covered under warranty, so you won’t be on the
hook for a major repair bill.

Higher Fuel Bill

A faulty boiler could also become less efficient in energy usage, which will in turn negatively
impact your monthly bills. You can save money and reduce your carbon footprint by making
sure your boiler is operating at full efficiency.

Boiler Replacement

As the saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. In this case, that means
catching smaller issues with your boiler before they have time to develop into major ones. This
can in turn prevent the need for a full-on boiler replacement, which is costly.

Work with Expert Boiler Technicians in East York

So, what exactly does boiler service consist of?

Boiler maintenance is important; you can’t entrust it with just anyone. At AccuServ Heating
and Air Conditioning, we are expert boiler technicians in East York. We will look to identify
any issues, check all the main components of your boiler, inspect the flue terminals and internal
flue components ensuring they’re sealed, check the boiler efficiency, clean the boiler, check for
gas leaks or early warning signs, check the casing to ensure it’s properly sealed, and much more.
Whether you need maintenance, boiler installation, or boiler repair in East York, we have you

Our team is composed of top boiler technicians who know what to look for to prevent major
breakdowns. Get unparalleled customer service that ensures you’re always treated with care,
respect, and dedication.

Have questions? We have staff ready 24/7 to answer any of your questions and concerns.
Contact us today or call us at (416) 269-2228 to get more information about our service for
Rheem boilers in Toronto.