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4 Signs Your Gas Fireplace Needs Professional Maintenance

August 27, 2021

Your gas fireplace can be a warm and comfortable centre of your home where family members gather and keep those winter blues away. But without professional gas fireplace maintenance, your fireplace can fall into disrepair. That not only means your fireplace may not work as intended, but it also means that your fireplace may need more expensive repairs down the line—and it goes without saying that a malfunctioning gas fireplace could be dangerous.

So how can you tell when it’s time for maintenance? Read below for the four signs that your gas fireplace needs maintenance.

Pilot Light Issues

Much like your furnace, there’s a pilot light that is built into your fireplace. If the light is out and you’ve tried all the simple solutions (often described in the instructions on the fireplace’s use) then that’s a sign that something is wrong. Typical issues that plague pilot lights are faulty wiring or a worn-out thermopile. Luckily, neither of these issues are critical. Gas fireplace repair and maintenance professionals can fix these issues quickly and efficiently.

It Switches On and Off

If your fireplace goes on and off while you’re trying to use it, that’s a definite sign that your fireplace needs servicing. The generator may be worn out, dirt and carbon may have built up and caused malfunctions, the burner may be jammed, or any other number of issues may cause this. But with a professional, you’ll be able to diagnose issues and have them fixed fast.

There Is a Rotten Egg Smell

Rotten eggs are among the worst smells out there in general, but if it’s coming from your fireplace, that’s a very bad sign. If you smell rotten eggs or hear hissing, that likely means you have a gas leak which is very dangerous. Gas fireplaces use natural gas. If you have a natural gas leak in your home, there is potential for a gas explosion. You need to call the fire department immediately and leave your house if you notice these things.

There Is a Burning Smell

Gas fireplaces shouldn’t actually smell like burning, as counterintuitive as that is. If it’s a natural gas fireplace, it should be relatively odourless. So, if you smell something burning, that’s usually a sign of debris or dust in your fireplace and means your fireplace needs to be cleaned.

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