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The Navien NCB Combi-boiler is a tankless water heater-boiler that combines two bulky home appliances into one unit that occupies significantly less space, while providing access to more hot water, greater efficiency, cutting energy use and cost. Navien Combi-Boilers link well with air handlers, radiant floor, baseboard radiators, hydronic fan coils and hydronic heating.

Why Buy a Navien NCB Combi Boiler?

Navien Combi-Boilers are the only tankless water heater that uses both a buffer tank and recirculation pump that recirculates colder water to be warmed up again before flowing through the taps, preventing the cold-water sandwich.

In addition to ensuring water temperature consistency, the Navien Combi-Boiler boasts many desired features:​

Space Saving
Space saving design

80% less space than traditional boilers and water tank heaters

Dual stainless-steel heat exchangers with 10 year warranty

Stainless Steel lasts longer than fast corroding aluminum and copper.

Energy Saving
Turn down ratio of 6:1 for heating and 11:1 for DHW

Helps to reduce energy waste and excessive boiler cycling


NCB and NPE can be linked to supply an unlimited hot water supply

Water Heater
Fuses two appliances in one

Works to provide heat to your hydronic radiator system and hot water for your taps

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