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Rheem Furnace

Accuserv is Toronto’s Rheem Furnace Dealer

Rheem furnaces are known for their durability and efficiency. Rheem furnaces can handle the temperature swings of Toronto, from sub-zero freezing in the winter to tar-melting, sweltering heat waves in the summer.

Accuserv technicians and staff are ready to help you choose which Rheem furnace model is right for your home and budget.

Why Buy a Rheem Furnace?

Rheem has been at the forefront of innovation in heating technology for the last 100 years. Rheem products are known for their superior engineering and features like:

Sound Level
Sound Level

Improved airflow for 20% quieter operation

Rheem-Exclusive Design: PlusOne Ignition System

Direct spark ignition

Water Heater
PlusOne Water Management System

Blocked drain sensor
(patent pending)

PlusOne Diagnostics

7-segment LED display

We carry Rheem furnaces because they are reliable, high-quality, and long-lasting products. Rheem furnaces can help you save on monthly utility bills and leave you confident and cosy in the harsh winter.

Check Out Our Favourite Rheem Furnaces

Rheem R95T unit
R95T (RFSA) Series Rheem Classic Plus® Series Multi Position Gas Furnaces

High performing energy efficient motor:
may qualify for local utility rebate

Motor: Constant torque ECM allows different operating speeds

Efficiency: 95% AFUE rating.

Limited Warranty: Conditional parts – 10 years.

Heat exchanger: Limited Lifetime.

Rheem R96V unit
R96V (RFMA) Series Communicating 2-Stage Variable Speed Multi Position Gas Furnaces

360°+1  Engineering Technology

Motor: Variable-speed ECM motor Two-stage operation for more comfort.

Efficiency: 96% AFUE rating 

PlusOne Diagnostics: Dual 7-segment LED display 

Limited Warranty:  Parts (10 years), Heat exchanger (limited lifetime), Total unit replacement (10 years)

Fireplace Maintenance

Accuserv Technicians are Expert Rheem Furnace Repair and Maintenance Providers

Rheem’s furnaces are highly durable, but regular maintenance is necessary to get the best performance and keep your energy bills down. AccuServ technicians are highly trained and experienced with Rheem furnace repair and maintenance, from basic cleaning to major repairs. Our basic maintenance service includes:

  • Replace damaged heat exchangers
  • Replace dirty filters
  • Replace slipped and frayed blower belts
  • Replace worn-out ball bearings
  • Repair faulty pilot lights or ignitions
  • Repair broken thermostats

Call Accuserv today to book maintenance or repair service. Our technicians can diagnose any problems before it turns into an expensive breakdown.

Rheem Warranty Information

Rheem furnaces come with a standard 10-year Limited Warranty.

This warranty includes workmanship and most parts. Some specific parts, components, or systems may have shorter or longer warranty coverage. Coverage may depend on the furnace model you purchase.

AccuServ handles all product registration to ensure all warranties are active. AccuServ also offers additional warranty protection for different packages.

Rheem Furnace

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