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Ductwork Installation in Toronto

Completed Air Duct Installation

When making major additions to your house, like adding a room, you need to take ductwork, heating, and cooling into consideration.

If you’re looking for expert ductwork installation in Toronto, AccuServ Heating and Air Conditioning has the experience and knowledge necessary to make sure that your ductwork installation in Toronto will be done completely and without errors, while also keeping within your budget.

What Is Ductwork?

Ductwork helps distribute the airflow from your heating and cooling system around your home. The process involves air being siphoned from rooms across the house into the heater and/or air conditioner. From there, the air is heated or cooled, and then redistributed throughout the house. 

Functioning ductwork means that your heating and cooling will be more evenly distributed, and your overall indoor air quality will improve. 

With improper or incomplete ductwork installation in Toronto, your home’s HVAC system will operate less efficiently, making your home less comfortable and wasting your money.

How Do Ducts Work?

Ductwork, like all other aspects of your HVAC system, has a number of specific components that interact with one another, working together to create a more comfortable home. 

Ducts (Pipes and Trunks)

Duct pipes and trunks are the main funnels that guide the warmed or cooled air throughout your home. The duct trunk is the primary, largest trunk, while duct pipes connect that main pipe to each room of your home. 

Duct Transitions

Depending on your home’s design and shape, it will alter the way these ducts are connected. In other words, there’s no one way to do ductwork across all varieties of homes. Duct transitions connect the pipes and trunks above.


The plenum is, at its core, a large box where the air for your HVAC system is stored and routed off to the different ducts. Most houses have two plenums within your HVAC system’s ductwork: the supply plenum and the return plenum. They form the HVAC system whereby heated and cooled air is cycled in and out of rooms. 

Depending on your home’s system, the cycled air is either directed outside or filtered and recycled back in the house. 


Flues drive air outside. These are typically used in HVAC systems where noxious fumes are a by-product of the heating or cooling process. The flues vent these fumes outdoors. 

Air Handler

This is where the blower fan and filter are located. The blower fan is where air is moved through the ductwork. This may also include heating or cooling coils. 

Drain Pans and Lines

Drain pans and lines are where the condensation build-up is drained. This helps prevent mould and rust from building up.


The Importance of Proper Ductwork Installation

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