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AccuServ is Toronto’s source for Rheem Combi Boilers.

Rheem combi boilers are a boiler and water heater in one space-saver size unit that provides unlimited hot water. Upgrading to a Rheem combi boiler saves you space, money on monthly utility bills and upgrades your access to hot water to unlimited.

As opposed to a standard water heater that stores and continually heats water in a tank, Rheem’s advanced combi boiler technology quickly heats water as it travels through piping.

Save space, money and energy by upgrading to a Rheem Combi Boiler today.

Why Buy a Rheem Combi Boiler

Rheem has been at the forefront of innovation in heating technology for the last 100 years. Rheem products are known for their superior engineering and features like:

Energy Saving
Energy efficient

It only produces domestic hot water when you need it, so you save energy and money

Cost Saving
Lower Energy Bills

A 95% AFUE rating means energy savings and potential rebates.

Space Saving
Space-saving design

A single combi boiler frees up valuable space by replacing your boiler and tank water heater

We carry Rheem combi boilers because they are reliable, high-quality, and long-lasting products. Rheem combi boilers should be at the top of your list if you want to save space and money while upgrading to unending hot water.

Check Out Our Favourite Rheem Combi Boilers

Rheem Combi Boiler
Rheem Professional Prestige Combination Boiler

Efficiency: Energy Star Rated with 95% AFUE

Includes: Outdoor reset sensor

Auto boost feature to quickly reach desired water temperature

Weight: 90 lbs

Rheem Boiler Repair

AccuServ Expert Maintenance and Repair

Our expert technicians are able to provide repair and maintenance services if your Rheem combi boiler is damaged or not operating properly.

The following can be resolved with our maintenance services:

  • Leaking due to age (or components that have become worn or cracked).
  • Corrosion leading to rust and dirt that gets into the water.
  • The buildup of bacteria and other sediments.
  • Valve failure leading to no heating or leaking water.
  • Malfunctioning pilot lights leading to erratic or no hot water.
  • Boiler not responding to the thermostat to properly regulate the water temperature.

It is important to make sure your boiler receives regular maintenance so that it can operate as efficiently as possible and enjoy a long lifespan. Spending a small amount on regular basic maintenance and repairs will ensure you catch small issues before they lead to bigger and more expensive breakdowns.

Rheem Warranty Information

The Rheem combi boiler warranty comes with a Certificate of Limited Warranty that lasts for ten years. Coverage for some specific elements may vary depending on the particular unit you purchased.

AccuServ handles all product registration to ensure all warranties are active. AccuServ also offers additional warranty protection for different packages.

Rheem Boiler

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