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Ever feel like your AC isn’t working. It is on, you can hear it humming, you can even feel air coming through the vents, but it’s not cold air, and the outside Toronto swelter is seeping through the walls. Your AC is running, just not optimally.

AccuServ technicians can fix this in a jiffy. AC units are notoriously known for refrigerant leaks and without regular maintenance, dirt and debris build up and slow your AC down, making it work harder with no real result. AccuServ technicians perform a thorough 21-point inspection of the AC unit to uncover the source of the malfunction, and then repair it with skill and precision.


Our affordable, “this will save you a ton in the long run” AC maintenance packages will help your AC perform optimally and live longer through the heavy roast of Toronto summers. Save yourself from that panicked desperation of a broken AC in the middle of July, or the sudden cost of having to buy a whole new unit during peak season.

Regular maintenance greatly reduces the risk of a surprise breakdown, that almost always happens when your AC is working double time on the hottest day of the season. Be proactive and have your AC regularly serviced and enjoy summer with confidence and comfort. 

AC Unit Installation
21 Point inspection and Cleaning
  1. Calibrate thermostat
  2. Clean/replace filters as needed (client provided or purchased)
  3. Check monitor volts/amps on fan motor
  4. Lubricate and inspect bearings for wear
  5. Clean indoor coil if accessible
  6. Flush/treat condensate drain with anti-algae
  7. Inspect condenser coil
  8. Monitor operating pressure of refrigerant
  9. Inspect safety devices for proper operation
  10. Inspect disconnect box for proper rating and installation
  11. Tighten all electrical connections
  12. Test/inspect contactors for burned, pitted contacts
  13. Inspect electrical system for exposed wiring
  14. Test and inspect capacitors
  15. Inspect fan blade
  16. Clean condenser coil and remove debris
  17. Inspect service valves for proper operation
  18. Measure temperature difference – supply/return
  19. Inspect ductwork for energy loss
  20. Monitor compressor for proper amperage, volt draw and wiring connections
  21. Clean debris around the condenser

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Our highly skilled licenced technicians are poised, ready to go, 24/7 to replace and install new AC units, because we know the discomfort of a broken AC unit in the middle of summer in Toronto. 

Fill out the form to receive a call back to discuss our cool financing options to help smooth out the sudden cost of a fried AC unit.

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