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Why Choose a Heat Pump

April 3, 2023

Why Choose a Heat Pump

Do you want to save money effortlessly and increase your indoor comfort level
too? If you’re shopping for a new furnace and air conditioner, you have the
opportunity to do just that. How? Instead of purchasing both systems, invest in a
heat pump. You’ll get heating and cooling in one compact unit, and your home
will be comfortable year-round. Here are five good reasons why a heat pump
installation gives you a great return on investment.

Green Energy Rebate Program

The Government of Canada, in partnership with Enbridge, is providing homeowners
with up to $10,000 in grants in Ontario for energy efficiency upgrades such as
windows/doors, solar panels, heat pumps, and more.
All homeowners across Canada may also qualify for an interest-free loam of up to
$40,000 for any costs not covered by the other available grants.

Heat and Cool With One Unit

Heat pumps cool your home in summer just like air conditioners. However, unlike
air conditioners, they also heat your home in winter. The systems accomplish this
via a reversing valve. A reversing valve is a switch that changes the direction of
the flow of refrigerant. In addition to removing heat from your home in summer
and transferring it outside, heat pumps extract heat from the air outside and
move it indoors in winter. These units are ideal for homes with limited space.
Additionally, you only have to maintain one unit.

Save on Heating Costs

Heating and cooling make up about 50 percent of your total monthly energy bill.
A heat pump can reduce heating costs by up to 50 percent. The savings on
heating costs boils down to between one-half and one-third of what you’d pay to
heat your home with a furnace. Industry studies show that a heat pump can save

up to 30 percent on energy costs for a family of four during just one heating
We carry heat pumps with high HSPF ratings. The HSPF (Heating Seasonal
Performance Factor) indicates a heat pump’s efficiency. It is a ratio of the total
heat output during the heating season to the amount of electricity the unit
consumes. The higher the number, the more efficient the unit.

Save on Cooling Costs

The SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) is the heat pump’s total output
during the cooling season divided by the amount of electricity it consumes. The
higher the SEER, the more energy-efficient the unit. Heat pumps have HSPFs
from 8 to 13. SEER numbers go from 13 to 27.5. Therefore, be sure to pay
particular attention to the SEER. You can make energy efficiency easy no matter
the season.

Save With Variable Speed
Compressor Technology

A variable speed compressor causes a heat pump to continually adjust its output
according to the load requirements at any given time. Heat pumps make these
adjustments without wasting energy. This responsive technology manages
energy consumption by ensuring the heat pump only provides the level of air
conditioning you need. The result is maximum indoor comfort at the lowest
possible price.
Single-stage heat pumps operate on an all-or-nothing principle — which is not
the best way to promote energy efficiency. On the other hand, savings of up to
40 percent on total annual energy costs are not uncommon for heat pumps with
variable speed compressors. We’ll provide all the information and advice you
need to make the right decision for your home.

Manage Humidity

The ideal relative indoor humidity falls anywhere from 30 to 50 percent. Heat
pumps are better than traditional central HVAC systems for managing indoor
humidity levels. Preventing high humidity in summer and dry indoor air in winter
will promote HVAC efficiency and increase indoor comfort. However, managing
indoor humidity goes beyond comfort. Low or high humidity can lead to health
problems, and persons with respiratory conditions are particularly susceptible.
For example, cold air will irritate the nasal passages, and high humidity can
trigger asthma problems.

At AccuServ, we carry heat pumps and other HVAC products that improve indoor
comfort. You also benefit from enhanced energy efficiency, so you save money
on energy costs. Call us today at (416) 269-2228 for more information or to
schedule an appointment for heat pump installation.