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How to Prevent a Tankless Water Heater from Freezing

October 25, 2021

Winter is just around the corner and that means snow, ice, cold—all that fun stuff—is also on its way. Winter may not be your favourite season (or maybe it is!) but being prepared can go a long way in making the next few months a lot more enjoyable.

One way to be prepared is to consider tankless water heater maintenance in Toronto. When the temperature drops severely, the water in your tankless heater is prone to freezing, which can, in turn, cause the whole thing to malfunction.

What does that mean for your home? It could leave you without hot water and with a hefty repair bill. No one wants that.

So, let’s discuss how to protect a tankless water heater in the winter.

Place Your Water Heater in a Warm Place

While you may not always have the option available, if you can, it’s always best to place the water heater in a heated place. That will help keep the tank as warm as possible during the winter, which may prevent freezing. You should also locate your water heater away from the wind, as well as use wind-resistant features to help cut down on windchill.

Drain Your Water Heater

Standing water is prone to freezing and be very dangerous for your home. Normally, you and your family use enough hot water throughout the day to prevent the water in your heater from being stationary for too long. But if you’re planning to go away for the holidays and know that you won’t be using your hot water for a while, you’re better off draining the unit before you leave for vacation to prevent the water from freezing.

Protect External Pipes

External pipes are the most at risk of freezing, as you’d expect. As it is, they are exposed to the elements, which means they need extra care to ensure that they can last through the winter and cold without bursting. You can accomplish this with insulated pipe tape, as well as providing supplementary heating to these areas.

Prevent Your Tankless Water Heater from Freezing with AccuServ

Don’t leave yourself vulnerable to being left without hot water and with an expensive repair bill; AccuServ Heating and Air Conditioning can fix any tankless water heater issues, as well as help you secure your water heater against the risk of freezing in the winter.

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