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How Do You Maintain a Water Heater in the Fall and Winter Seasons?

October 14, 2021

As fall and winter approach, and with them the colder weather, it’s critically important to make sure that your water heater is functioning properly. After all, the last thing you want is to be stuck in your home without any way to keep it cozy and warm.

If you have to call in water heater repair services in East York, that may mean that you overlooked some easy maintenance practices that could have saved you a lot of money on repairs (and not to mention a big headache having to find the right repair service while your home is insufficiently heated).

Let’s take a look at how you can avoid those costly bills with some tips for tankless water heater maintenance in Toronto.


Inspect the Pressure Release Valve

The pressure release valve will open if the temperature and pressure become too high within the hot water tank. When open, water will release. If there’s little or no water coming out, then you’ll need a new one. Replacing it can help avoid major malfunctions down the line.

Inspect the Anode Rod

The anode rod is there to help fend off rust by drawing corrosion-causing elements to the rod before they can rust the tank. You should have your anode rod inspected to ensure that it’s still working, as this will add longevity and value to your water heater.

Get Your Tank Cleaned Out

Over time, sediments will build up at the bottom of your tank. This can cause your energy costs to spike as your water heater will have to exert more energy when heating. As such, getting your tank cleaned can actually save you a lot of money month to month.

Insulate Your Pipes and Water Tank

With the colder months approaching, making sure your pipes are insulated will help prevent the cold air from freezing and bursting them.

Get Water Heater Maintenance in East York Annually

The simple fact is that a water heater maintenance schedule where you bring in experts annually to check up on your heater can save you a lot of money and trouble in the long run.

AccuServ Heating and Air Conditioning will help you develop a water heater maintenance plan and ensure that your heater is always in perfect working order.

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