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5 Furnace Maintenance Myths – Busted!

September 24, 2021

There is a lot of information out there about how to best take care of your furnace. But not all of it is accurate, unfortunately. Whether you’re servicing a Rheem furnace in Toronto or need furnace repair in East York, you need to understand both the type of furnace you have and the issues it’s facing before you can get an accurate assessment and maintenance. 

To that end, we’re going to elaborate on some of the most common furnace maintenance myths. 

Debunking Furnace Myths with the Experts in Furnace Repair in East York

Furnaces Are Dangerous

Like almost any machine, tool, or appliance, furnaces are not inherently dangerous. They’re built for safe continued use in your home, after all. The only way furnaces can become possibly dangerous is if they are neglected and don’t receive the proper maintenance. An annual check-up, for instance, is all it takes to generally avoid any issues. 

Furnace Maintenance Is Optional

Which leads us to our next myth that you don’t need to get furnace maintenance. As mentioned above, the only time furnaces can become dangerous is through severe malfunction (which is exceedingly rare) or neglect (which, unfortunately, is more common). A yearly inspection will ensure that your furnace is operating as it should, which not only keeps your household safe, but could also help you avoid a costly repair bill by catching an issue early. 

They Can Last for Decades

While furnaces certainly do last a long time, they aren’t likely to make it past 15 years or so. They can, of course, and regular maintenance certainly helps you get the most out of your unit, but it’s important to have realistic expectations about the longevity of your furnace. 

Hot And Cold Spots Are Normal

The fact is that your heat should be distributed evenly throughout the home if your furnace is functioning properly. In other words, if you’re feeling cold and hot patches, that’s a sign that something’s wrong and you should call in a furnace maintenance company. 

Loud Noises Are Okay

Furnaces may have a low hum or even a spike in noise here and there, but by and large, they should work silently and with you barely noticing. 

Get Furnace Maintenance in East York So Your Furnace Remains Safe and Lasts Longer

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