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The Benefits of a Hydronic Heating System

November 22, 2021

Hydronic heating may sound futuristic, but this form of heating has been around for decades. Our ancestors used boiled water to keep warm and now you can use this form of heating for your home, with just a few modern adjustments. Learn how using hydronic heating services in Ontario can help your family keep warm this winter while protecting the environment.

What Is a Hydronic Heating System?

Known as radiant heating, hydronic systems circulate heated water throughout the home. The water is heated by a boiler before being transmitted through coils to tubing installed along baseboard heaters, under flooring, or through radiators to disperse the warmth where needed. Unlike regular heating devices, a hydronic heating system uses natural convection and pumps to move the heat, not fans.


Benefits of a Hydronic Heating System

Aside from being eco-friendly, hydronic heat offers health benefits as well as economical ones. This cost-efficient heating allows for temperature control zones within the home while providing allergy-safe output.

Safe & Healthy

A hydronic heating system uses radiators, looped coiling, or baseboard heaters to circulate the heat. There are no fans or forced air systems to disperse dust and other allergens through the home. This also prevents fire hazards as there are no open flames or chimneys that can become clogged with soot.

Easy to Navigate

The heat from a hydronic system is easy to manage with a professionally installed thermostat. This allows adjusting of heat in different rooms, much like electric heating. In addition, there are no filters to change out or fuels to handle.


With a hydronic heating system, using water to heat takes less energy, as water is an effective heat conductor. Some homes have hidden drafts and poor insulation, so traditional heating can often force warm air out into the outside of the home instead of keeping it inside.

Environmentally Friendly

We all try to do our part for the environment and cut our energy use to save money. Hydronic heating can help with both by reducing consumption and by using clean energy. Some studies have found that up to 70% less energy is used with hydronic systems than with electrical-run systems.

Warm Your Tiles & Floors

Elementary school taught us heat rises, which is proven during cold morning and nights with bare or tile flooring. Having a hydronic system installed underneath the floor means warm feet during those midnight runs to the bathroom. Furry family members will also love the warm floors!

Much Quieter

The constant humming and operation start of heating systems can be startling, especially when trying to sleep. Hydronic heating systems are quiet. Most people forget the heating is on except for the cozy warm atmosphere.

Get a Hydronic Heating System Installed in East York

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