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7 Reasons Why You Should Service Your Boiler Regularly

January 20, 2021

As boiler technicians in East York (or anywhere, for that matter) will tell you, keeping your boiler properly maintained is not only good practice, but in some instances, it can be lifesaving.

Boilers keep your home happy and warm, especially as we enter the coldest months of the year. As premier providers of boiler service in East York and the surrounding areas (and proud residents of the East York community), we know first-hand how bad the cold can get if you have a malfunctioning boiler.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at seven reasons why you should regularly service your boiler.

1. Keeps You and Your Family Safe

The most obvious and important reason bears repeating, boiler maintenance can save lives.

Boilers produce heat and carbon monoxide—a colourless and odourless gas that could cause difficulty breathing and severe health problems—which makes them one of the most potentially dangerous machines in your house. Not only is the carbon monoxide produced by boilers deadly, but if not properly maintained, boilers could also be a potential fire hazard.

Regular service ensures that your boiler is functioning properly and that exhaust pipes aren’t damaged or worn down (and leaking deadly CO).

2. Keep Your Energy Costs Down

Boilers can be one of the most expensive energy expenditures in your house. As boiler experts in East York, we’re more than familiar with those expensive energy bills that flood in all winter.

The good news is that getting your boiler serviced is a great way to cut down on those costs and keep them manageable.

That’s because regular maintenance of your boiler will ensure that it’s operating efficiently, saving you money on energy. Well-maintained boilers save their owners upwards of 10% on their energy bills. Considering the lifespan of boilers is typically a decade or more, that’s a lot of money in your pocket!

3. Extends Your Boiler’s Lifespan

Speaking of the lifespan of your boiler, proper maintenance is perfect for getting that extra mile out of your boiler system.

A well-kept boiler can easily last more than 15 years. By contrast, a brand-new boiler will cost you likely in the five-digit territory. In other words, a pretty heft expense.

As they say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. In this case, prevention could be worth $10,000.

4. Saves You Money on Boiler Repairs

Not only does maintaining your boiler on regular basis prevent you from needing to buy a brand-new system, but it can also help minimize the costs of repairs in the future.

Small problems in your boiler can, if not caught early, grow into larger issues that can balloon in costs.

Regular servicing will catch these small issues and nip them in the bud, meaning they stay small and relatively inexpensive to fix.

Otherwise, you’ll need to bring in a repairperson after the major damage has been done, typically meaning a large bill is not far behind.

5. Lowers Your Chances of Boiler Breakdown

There’s little worse in the cold winter months than having to face them in an unheated home.

But that’s exactly what might happen should your boiler go unmaintained for too long.

What’s more, you’ll find that many people are in a (understandable) rush to get their boilers fixed in the winter months in order to better combat the cold. So, while you’re freezing inside your house, you may have to wait a considerable amount of time before a repairperson is able to get to your boiler.

Instead of having to suffer through long, cold, heatless nights, regular boiler maintenance will instead guarantee that your boiler will get you through the winter without complaint.

6. Keeps Your Warranty/Guarantee Valid

Several boilers come with warranties and other guarantees, but many of those services require appropriate boiler maintenance in order to remain valid.

In other words, if your boiler fails and it has not been regularly maintained, you may be stuck with an invalidated guarantee or warranty and have to purchase a whole new system.

Warranties will also expire after a certain period of time (depends on the seller/manufacturer), but by having your boiler serviced, you’ll be able to catch issues in your boiler before the warranty expires, potentially saving you thousands of dollars.

7. Complies with Local Safety Laws

It is often that landlords or business owners (depending on the business) are legally mandated to keep their boilers in good working order and see that they receive regular maintenance.

In fact, there are strict guidelines for maintaining natural draft boilers vs. high efficiency boilers. Natural draft boilers need to be inspected every year to ensure that they’re producing less than 100 PPM of CO through the drafthood because they’re more prone to CO spillage. If compliant, the boiler will get a boiler inspection tag that expires each year.

While we’ve already gone over many reasons why regular boiler maintenance is critical, it’s also worth noting that it can help you avoid an expensive fine.

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As we can see, boiler maintenance is extremely important. Not only can it save you from a hard financial blow, but in some instances, it can actually save your life and the lives of your loved ones.

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