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3 Signs That Indicate You Need New Ductwork Design

July 14, 2021

Your ductwork is almost like the circulatory system of your home; much like the human body, without a functioning circulatory system, calamity follows. In this case, that means higher energy bills, reduced system efficiency, worse air quality, and uneven temperatures around your home.

The good news is that with a solid ductwork design, all this can be avoided. Most of the time, you don’t need to replace your entire ductwork to fix the problem. In fact, the ductwork in most homes should last around 30 years before problems arise.

Ducts can be repaired individually and, in some instances, in order to improve the air flow in your home, all you need to do is increase the size of some ducts or relocate the duct on the supply plenum.

It may sound easy, but ductwork is no DIY job. That’s why it’s important to work with the experts in ductwork installation at AccuServ Heating and Air Conditioning in Toronto to ensure your home ductwork is working smoothly.

Here are some tell-tale signs it’s time to hire a company that provides ductwork services.

Noisy HVAC Operation

Healthy ductwork will make noise, but that noise shouldn’t be disturbing you and your family. If you’re hearing rattling or your HVAC ductwork is vibrating too much, then you need to bring in some experts to perform ductwork services. These sounds could signal a deeper issue like damaged joints that adjoin the ducts. If caught early enough, though, you could again save a good amount of money.

Uneven Heating or Cooling

If the energy bill is spiking, that could mean that too much air is escaping the ducts. This in turn means that your system is functioning inefficiently, which typically signals a deeper issue at play. If you’re also noticing that your ductwork is no longer creating an even temperature across the home, that could mean that your ductwork is faulty and needs to be replaced. Addressing this will help you keep your utility bills down while also keeping your house comfortable.

Poor Indoor Air Quality

If your ductwork has holes in it, is bent or kinked, or has obstructions, this will affect the quality of the airflow in your home. Also, take a look at the vapour lining to make sure that it’s in good condition, because this is what insulates your ducts and keeps the cool/warm air it’s delivering inside it better. Depending on the age of your home, the duct’s R-value may be subpar to today’s standards, which could affect the quality of air in your home.

Ductwork Design and Installation in Toronto That You Can Count on

Don’t let your energy bills get out of control, your home air become contaminated, or a deteriorating duct system cost you an arm and a leg in repairs.

Let the experts at AccuServ Heating and Air Conditioning provide you with quality duct system services in Toronto that work the first time.

Our experienced and proven consultants can handle all your ductwork needs, including:

  • Installation of new ductwork
  • Modification of existing ductwork
  • Ductwork calculation for correct sizing
  • Diagnosing air flow issues
  • Full ductwork drawings

Our expert technicians will diagnose your ductwork issues and develop a plan to restore your system, all in consideration of your budget and timeline. We are fast, experienced, and trusted by Toronto as the top choice in HVAC assessments, repairs, and installation.

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